SAP Partnerlerine Özel Webinar Hizmeti

What is Webinar?

Physically bringing hundreds or even thousands of people together is difficult, both financially and in terms of time. With the increase in internet speed and the development of technology day by day, serious opportunities arise. It is now very easy to organize many events that cannot be edited or rarely held due to many reasons such as time and budget. Webinar is an internet-based seminar. Webinar is a method that allows you to make audio / video training, meetings and presentations over the internet. With no need to download and install any software, you can easily make your simultaneous and live presentations via the webinar using the web browser.

Why Choose SAP Webinar?

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Ensuring fluency during your webinar is the most important issue. If the image of the speaker occasionally freezes or sounds intermittently during the webinar, this is a serious problem for your brand. Your webinar customers will not think very positively about you. So you should test the speed when choosing a webinar platform. Hurry to test the SAP Webinar platform. You can request demo from us!

Easy To Use

You cannot provide technical support to hundreds of people you invite to your webinar at the same time. If your preferred webinar platform is easily available, it will be of interest to your customers. A good webinar platform should be able to be used online without the need for any extra software, without the need for program installation. In addition, when you choose a platform that provides you 7/24 support service, such as SAP Webinar, you will not have to suffer for webinar editing. It should provide a structure that can work with common operating systems and mobile devices. You can request a demo from us to test the SAP Webinar platform or you can reach us 7/24 via the information on our contact page and you can witness how easy it is to use the SAP Webinar platform.


The topics you share during your webinar may contain important and confidential information. If this is the case, you should question the reliability of your preferred webinar platform. For SAP Webinar, security and data privacy are essential.

Why Should I Edit a Webinar?

Webinar management; is an indispensable actor of digital marketing and a unique opportunity to promote your products, services and solutions to become a brand. Webinar enables you to make presentations about your products, services and solutions directly by contacting your customers.

SAP Webinar: Special Webinar Service for SAP Partners!

If you don't want your first webinar to be the last at the same time, the platform you prefer for the webinar is vital. SAP Webinar is a platform that provides a webinar service exclusively for SAP Partners.

If you are an SAP Partner, if you need a platform for direct marketing for your target audience, we have good news for you! You have found the webinar platform you are looking for. If you prefer SAP Webinar, which is an expert in this field to manage your webinar, your viewers can view your webinar in the highest quality direct broadcast without downloading any software or requiring an extra program.

SAP Webinar is a sub-brand of the Z TAKIMI. Z TAKIMI is SAP Partner. SAP Webinar; With the services offered exclusively to SAP Partners in the field of digital marketing, it produces successful projects for its customers and solution partners and makes more and more promises every day.